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    Seeking Help with Navigation Buttons (Double Clicking Issue)

    Grant Wittenberg

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am working on some dashboards that seek to use navigation buttons for a better user experience over the normal tab navigation.


      I came across two problems while using action filters (action filters seem to provide the most intuitive experience for users):

      1) Buttons have boxes around them when selected. (Not visually appreciated)

      2) When returning to previous pages, double clicking was necessary to first unselect previously clicked buttons.


      I have solve the first problem with the “blank png duel axis chart method” described here:



      I have seen some methods on the forums to solve the second issue. However, they are clunky and do not seem to work in combination with the fix to issue #1.


      I would be happy to learn any ideas that you might have to solve this problem.


      **Attached is a workbook that has the first fix implemented for navigation throughout (Content deleted). 


      Thank you for your time and any assistance you can provide,