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    Problem loading dashboards on Tableau Server (Database error 0x80004005: XML for Analysis parser)

    Max Wong

      Hi everyone,


      Lately, I have been receiving this particular error ()Database error 0x80004005: XML for Analysis parser) whenever I load a dashboard on Tableau Server (see attached image). The only workaround for this problem at the moment is to restart Tableau Server. Even then, this problem will return the next day after Tableau Server has been restarted.


      I searched online and found that this might be due to the machine where Tableau Server is running does not have the necessary drivers installed for Server to run with SSAS. Or, is this due to the password that was set when setting up Tableau Server? If so, do I need to change the settings for Saved Credentials or set the Server Account to a user that did not have access to the Microsoft Analysis Services as mentioned by Jesmil in this thread (Re: Analysis Services database error 0x80004005: The following system error occurred: A specified logon session does not exist. )?


      Looking forward to your help guys!




      Best regards,