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    Prevent Fixed LOD function from being altered by filters

    Nadir Steinmetz



      I would like to calculate market shares of companies, but I am having an issue making the FIXED function keep being equal to actual total.


      For instance, I would like to calculate a company's market share by Segment in Region 4 and in Group E. The formula I am using is the following, considering dimensions I would like to influence the total sales that should be used:


      { FIXED [Season],[Segment],[Region],[State],[Sub Region],[Group]:SUM([Sales])}


      In the image below, it is possible to see that, when all companies are selected, this function equals indeed the total sales:


      However, when I choose a company, these numbers that should remain fixed change (some remain the same). For instance, when selecting CompanyE:


      This would prevent me from calculating an accurate market share of the company. Is there any way to maintain the numbers of fixed sales as they are in the first image?


      I am attaching the workbook - my Tableau version is 9.3