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    Two measures, different fields: expand on click

    Ciarán McGowan

      Hi all,


      I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before. I have a client who would like the sum of a measure displayed on a single line, the only problem is that both these columns are stored in different ways do directly importing them looks like the tab marked "Original" in the attached excel.


      Total 1 is broken down into categories (1-3) where Total 2 is just a single value (0). Is there any way to roll up and sum categories 1-3 for Total 1 and show it in the category 0 cell so it's in line with Total 2? If that can be done, the extra functionality they would like is the ability to then click on a Total 1 cell and expand it to reveal the categories that make up the new level 0 value. To see what I mean, you can look at the "Required" tab in the excel.


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.