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    How to sort the quick filter ? and two more issues are there please go theough the below issues

    Koti D

      Hi Team ,


      I am struggling with 3 issues in tableau , please let me know these below issues are achievable in tableau or not?


      1 .I  have a text table that contains around 60 fields (in that 50+ are dimensions), I could not get the horizontal scrollbar for that text table , I am getting the scroll bar for dashboard because of that dashboard scroll bar remaining  dashboards in that work book also getting impact in server ( getting extra space to all dashboards), how to get the scroll bar to text table?


      1. 2.how to sort the quick filter basis on another field , ex: I have two fields id and name , name is the quick filter and id, name I am using in text table ,now I want to sort the name filter based on id , how to achieve this?












      Above is my sample report , Name is my quick filter , the values in filter displaying like A,B,C but I want to show B,C,A(sorting should not be manual ,the reason is values are change every time).


      1. We are using db2 table as a source, in that table one of the column has XML data, how to convert the XML format data to normal data format, is there any tableau function is available to parse the XML data?


         Note: my users want to convert xml format at tableau level , not in DB2 level.


      Your Help would be much appreciated .