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    LOD (exclude) - Filtering using a different data source

    Elliot Hind

      I've used LOD (exclude) to create a % of total calc field (and then created a moving average off that).  It does exactly what I need and I'm able to filter no problem at all using a different data source when working to a financial period level. 


      Then (using a different dataset split by date) when trying to do exactly the same thing (either by date or by week) I get the error message 'Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation'. 


      I could understand it not working completely,  but as it works fine at a Period level it's got me very confused.  I've tried lots of different things, but after hours of trying I still can't get it to work. 


      Does anyone please have any ideas?


      (Sorry can't share workbook as data is confidential).

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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hi Elliot,


          I believe you would have to make some modifications to the LOD formula when switching data sources.


          I understand you can't share the data, but can you at least share the LOD formulas? The one that works and the one that produces the error. That could give me some clue on what could be going wrong.


          Feel free to rename the fields and the data sources. All I need to understand is what fields are different and what data sources are different.