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    Dashboard action filter implementing worksheet filter on all dashboard worksheets

    Andrew Wong

      I currently have a dashboard that has 3 worksheets placed inside it - a table and two line graphs. I would like to use the table worksheet as an action filter to filter all the sheets in the dashboard by name i.e. when selecting a name in the table worksheet, the whole dashboard will filter the data to show data associated with that name.


      Currently in the table worksheet I have names by row, and weeks in the columns. I have a filter in this worksheet that only shows the past 4 weeks of data (to show only 4 columns). I have 10 weeks of data in total. When using it as an action filter in the dashboard, it  filters all the other worksheets within the dashboard to show only the past 4 weeks of data when I want them to still show 10 weeks.


      How can I use this table worksheet as an action filter without it implementing it's underlying filters onto the other worksheets in my dashboard?