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    Have a fixed date range for filters

    Shivang Desai

      Hi All,


      I am trying to work on the date filter for Tableau. I need to show data based on Financial Week Selection. The thing is I wanted to use parameters but they don't allow multiple values.


      So I decided to use normal approach i.e Financial week filter.


      What I need to do is when I slide the dates, the next date which should be displayed is 7 days before (end date should be start of current week i.e Monday).




      If Financial week commencing for current week is 07-11-16 then when I slide back the date, the next date should  be 28-10-16. That means, Start -> 28-10-16    End 07-11-16. (No dates such as 29-11-16 , 30-11-16) should be displayed in slider.


      Any ideas?