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    Plot on dual axes and show all data even when all columns don't have data

    Eric Kurtz

      I'm not exactly how to word this, but basically I have two measures that I want to plot on the same viz, however each measure has a different associated month. For example, the data looks like what is outlined below (truncated for simplicity). Where the only overlapping point is November, so you see the line graph associated Measure 1, but only one point for November associated with Measure 2, yet it does not continue with December and is not shown at all (I confirmed axis settings are correct). Basically the goal here would be to have it show all the data, which would include that December point in Measure 2. Y-Axes are synced, all axes settings are correct, and the measures are linked by the month. Any ideas what I'm missing?


      Measure 1:

      Month     Meas

      April         #

      May         #

      June        #

      July          #

      August     #

      Sept         #

      Oct          #

      Nov         #


      Measure 2:

      Month     Meas

      Nov         #

      Dec         #


      It's tough to see, but the Nov Measure 2 point is hiding in the bottom right corner of this plot  ^

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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Eric!


          I think what's happening is expected behavior due to Data Blending.  I'm guessing you've got the blend set up to be linked on the Month column.  Since the primary data source only has data up through November, the blended data source will only bring in rows that match Month names between each data source.  Since December isn't in the primary data source, the secondary data source's value for December won't show up.


          To work around this you could create a separate Date data source that is set up like this:


          DateTable -





          You would then have this date table as the primary data source, and blend both the Measure 1 and Measure 2 tables with the linking field as Month.  You could then bring Month from DateTable out onto the viz, and then both of the measure columns from your Measure 1 and Measure 2 tables onto the viz.  This will give you marks for all months.


          Hope that helps!