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    Enter values in prompt before running the report on embed link

    suresh matta

      I have a report that has following fields/columns ----Account Number, Start Date, To date, Market Value, Cost etc., The 5 fields above are coming from 5 different transaction tables. Each transaction table has over 5 million records (tentatively).



      1. 1.I create the report with 5 fields above (all the joins between tables have been configured) and publish to server.
      2. the report from server is embedded to a web portal.
      3. When user accesses the embedded report

            -can they input specific account number and dates

              For Example: there are over 1 million account numbers. So when user clicks on report, they should get a filter value to enter/select the specific account number and dates. IS this possible??

      From my understanding, on the embed link, I can only hardcode for "specific" account numbers and dates and then embed as java (or) iframe. I CANNOT give user ability to enter any values, before they click On the report. Hope  it's clear.

      Can you please advise.

      Tableau version 9.3