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    Tableau 10.1 version Showing different colours for files created with Tableau 9.3 version

    Gautam Anand

      Hello Tableau folks,


      I have one .twbx file created with Tableau 9.3 which were showing correct colour schemes chosen for discrete pallets formed from various calculated fields, both in desktop and server.


      When I open same file simultaneously side by side in Tableau 10.1 desktop professional vs Tableau 9.3 desktop professional, colours are accurate in 9.3 version while it gets changed in 10.1 version.


      Till now I have applied following corrections and made following observations but with no luck yet for a  final solution.

      1. Changed colour schemes to similar in Tableau 10.1. Upon next opening it again goes to random colours.
      2. Duplicated the calculated field, reassigned the duplicated calculated field on each worksheet wherever applicable, reassigned the colours to duplicated field, deleted the old calculated field, saved the workbook. Upon reopening it again goes to random colours.
      3. The errors are sometime visible on the Tableau 10 server while sometimes they are correct.
      4. This happens when the colour reassigned workbook is update with data increment and the work book is saved and reopened.
      5. Server accessed from chrome is particularly more bizarre in colours as compared to Internet explorer (IE is showing correct colours some times as compared to chrome.)


      Anyone if had faced similar issues?


      I have found a thread for similar old log as here Re: color palette changes when publishing to tableau server and Tableau 9 roll-out issue - Color Change


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance to everyone.