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    Sorting is not working




      I am very new to Tableau. Now I am having a problem is my sorting is not working and I wasn't sure why.


      I need some help to guide me through. Can any of you please check the attached file and kindly let me know how can I solve this issue?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Stephen Rizzo

          Hi Becky,


          When you try to sort based on a dimension in a table like this one, Tableau sorts the values of that dimension within the categories specified to its left in the shelf. For example, if you had two rows with the same value for [Number] and [Date Generated], but with different values for [Importance], clicking on the "Sort" icon over [Importance] in the table would re-arrange the two rows either ascending alphabetically or descending alphabetically by the value of [Importance], but without changing the order of the numbers or dates.


          If you want to sort by [Importance] regardless of other field values, you can simply drag the [Importance] pill over to the left of the "Rows" shelf.

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            YUN BAI

            Thank you, Stephen.


            Now the "Sort" only applying on the first column [Number] (ascending or descending). Is there a way that I keep [Date Generated], [Importance], [Problem], and [Status] as columns, as well as able to sort each of them when clicking the sort icon? For example, sort by [Importance] and the rest of fields changed, or sort by [Problem] and rest of the relevant fields changed?


            I used to play around on QlikView which seems easier to achieve what I am expecting for. Or maybe I still don't understand how it can work in Tableau.




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              Stephen Rizzo

              Well, the rows are sorting when you hit the sort buttons, but they are sorting within their respective categories. I don't think you can get what you want just using the sort buttons, unfortunately. If someone else on the forums knows how to do this, I would certainly be interested to hear about it!


              With that said, see the attached file for a few examples of alternative ways you could try sorting.

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                Shinichiro Murakami

                I agree with Stephan


                Only the way I could think out was using parameter instead.

                Still troublesome than clicking header, but I don't think any other alternatives.