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    how to apply more than one filter to two charts on a dashboard?

    D Sharpington



      in the chart shown by the screenshots below, I'm using a data field with a hierarchy 'crash type' and 'crash sub-type'. I have  a filter that shows only the corresponding crash sub-type when a crash type is selected. This works. However, you will see that I also have two filters 'age' and 'district' as drop-down lists. When I use one of these, it applies to the 'crash type' but not to the 'crash sub-type'. I don't know how to overcome this. What I have tried to do is add 'age' as a filter on the crash sub-type chart and then add an action using 'age' as a targeted field, but I have an error message that I am "missing age field on crash type".


      screenshot 1: no filters applied


      screen shot 2: single 'crash type' selected that correctly filters 'sub-type'



      screen shot 3: 'age' filter applied which applies correctly crash type but not sub-type. I need it to filter both.


      How can I solve this?