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    Parameters + dimension members (data) disappearing

    Steve Schwantes

      I have set up two parameters:  Select Top Dimension, and Select Drilldown Dimension shown below, respectively.  There are many more members of the drilldown parameter (not shown in the snippet).  But, the Top dimension only has the 5 members as shown.


      I also have setup two calculated fields as Dimensions referencing the parameters:  Change Top Dimension Display and Change Drilldown Dimension Display.

      Change Top Dimension Display

      CASE [Select Top Dimension]

      WHEN "Gender" THEN [Gender as Calc Field]

      WHEN "Line of Business" THEN [LOB as Calc Field]

      WHEN "Funding Type" THEN [Funding Type]

      WHEN "Member Days To Reg" THEN [Mbr_Days2Reg (group)]

      WHEN "Member Tenure (Group)" THEN [Member Tenure]

      else ""



      Change Drilldown Dimension Display.

      CASE [Select Drilldown Dimension]

      WHEN "Line of Business" THEN [LOB as Calc Field]

      WHEN "Funding Type" THEN [Funding Type]

      WHEN "Member Days To Reg" THEN [Mbr_Days2Reg (group)]

      WHEN "Member Days to Reg(Group)" THEN [Mbr_Days2Reg (group2)]

      //WHEN "Member Avg Tenure in Months" THEN [Mbr_Tenure-Months]

      WHEN "Member Tenure (Group)" THEN [Mbr-Tenure (group)]

      WHEN "Member Relationship Code (Subscriber or Dependent" THEN [Rel Cd]

      WHEN "Employer Name" THEN [Cust Seg Nm]

      WHEN "Employer Group Size" THEN [Group Size (group) (copy)]

      WHEN "State" THEN [Mbr State (copy)]

      WHEN "Age (Group)" THEN [Agegrp (group)]

      WHEN "Gender" THEN [Gdr Cd]

      WHEN "Education" THEN [Subscriber Education (group)]

      WHEN "Marital Status" THEN [Subscriber Marital Status]

      WHEN "E-mail" THEN [Emdm]

      WHEN "HH Adj Income" THEN [Hhai]

      WHEN "HH Composition" THEN [Hhcomp]

      WHEN "HH # of Persons" THEN [Nph19 (group) (copy)]

      WHEN "HH Net Worth" THEN [Netw19]

      WHEN "HH # of Children" THEN [Noc19]

      WHEN "Plan - CDH Flag" THEN [Is Hsa Hra]

      WHEN "Plan - Deductible" THEN [Plan Individual Deductible (group)]

      WHEN "Plan - OOP Max" THEN [Plan Out Of Pocket Maximum (group)]

      WHEN "Plan - Source System" THEN [Src Sys Cd]

      WHEN "E Delivery - EOB" THEN [EOB (group)]

      WHEN "E Delivery - HST" THEN [HST (group)]



      This is working okay, however, there are some issues.  E.g., when I select "Gender" in the Top parameter the viz does not show any data.  It should show the following data points and associated counts from the data source:  M, F, U are the 3 members.  But, it just shows All or Null as such:



      As a test of the field if I just pull the Gender field from the data pane and drop that pill on the columns row . . it shows every thing just fine.  E.g.,


      Gender as Calc Field                                        Gdr Cd



      This was built using Gender as a Calculated field, which I built out as another test, but it also works okay using the original field value Gdr Cd.


      Any one have any idea why this might be happening ???  I'm using Tableau 10.0.