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    Embedded Tableau Report Not Loading in Chrome - "Redirected you too many times"

    Sarah Wallis

      Hello! I'm new to Tableau and embedding content, so please bare with me.


      I am embedding a tableau report in a custom ASP.NET C#, internal webapp. I used the given Share - Embed code and then edited to include my host_url, site_root, etc. The code works perfectly in IE 11, but the report does not load in Chrome. (I haven't tried any other browsers.)


      Error Description:

      The div that contains the report goes grey, with a loading circle, and the broken unhappy face below. In the Developer Tools -> Console (or when hovering over div) I get the error: "net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS".


      I've tried digging the actual link (below) to the report being requested and putting that in an iframe on its own, and I get the same error.

           http://tableauserver.COMPANYNAME.org/views/ DASHBOARDNAME/REPORTNAME?:Embed=y&:display ... etc


      Thus, to me that says it's not an issue with the iframe, like much of my researching suggests. Is it possible there's a timeout issue? Obviously Tableau reports take a bit to load, but I'm not having that same issue with IE. Another thought is some sort of authentication issue, but again I'm not having them in IE. Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.