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    Data Source Changing Between Workbooks

    Harry Lawrance

      Hi - I have a question around something that's causing a massive headache for me at the minute. Really hoping someone can explain what's going on here and help me fix it.

      I work for a digital marketing agency and we are using Tableau to provide our monthly reporting, with the vast majority of data in these reports being pulled from Google Analytics.
      So I created the first report for the first client and got everything looking good. I saved this in its own folder at /client-one/reports/client-one-tableau-report.twb


      I then made a copy of this report in a separate folder at /client-two/reports/client-two-tableau-report.twb


      I opened this file and edited the data sources (the connections to Google analytics) to select the second clients Google Analytics profile. The data in the worksheets updated and everything was great.
      However, when I then went back to look at the first clients report, I noticed that it was now pulling data from the second clients Google Analytics profile?


      My question is why would this be? And how can I get around this? I need to use this template to create around 15 very similar reports whereby I just change the Google Analytics account on each to pull the relevant client data.


      Any suggestions and help gratefully received.