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    Adding a background image to a filled map

    Nego Jovanovich

      I’m having an issue adding a background image to a filled map. 


      What I have is dashboard that contains a Tableau map with all the counties in Ohio and a filter.



      Because I am using a washout of 100% on the map, when a user selects a county, the county boarders do not show up.



      What I wanted to do was to add a background image similar to the image below (and attached).  That way when a user select a county, the boarders would still show up.




      Does anyone know / have documentations on how to do this? I tried to search the community and  I did go through the steps in Tableau Online Help on using background images, but was not able to get the background map to load properly.


      I have also attached an excel sheet that contains the longitude and latitude for the 4 corners in Ohio.