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    histogram with level




      I'm looking for some help to achieve one histogram with different lvl.

      Take a look at this picture :


      The second and third column depend of the first part of the first column.

      Is it possible to do this ? I tried a lot of things but that doesn't works..

      Thanks for ur help


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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Hi Nicolas,


          can you discuss your problem in more detail please? It would be better if you tell us more about your input, expected output along with the business logic or basic formula/methodology in case needed along with overall objective of what you are trying to achieve.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Ashish Chaudhari

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            Ok I'll explain more.

            My data :


            I have rows containing columns like

            column 1 = Car 1

            column 2 = Car 2

            column 3 = Car 3

            with true/false values


            I want to calculate one more column who is not in my datasouce : "All Car".


            In my picture, the first column will be "All Car" sum number.

            The second and third and 4th will be Car 1, Car 2 and Car 3 sum number.

            for each column, i have true/false value in %, color.


            When the first column (= All car) is true, then I have the other.


            What I can't do is to align the top of the other column with the true limit of the first "all car" column.


            Do u understand ?