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    Optimizing TDE on Tableau Server

    Adiputra Marlian



      I have a bit of problem working with optimizing performance in Tableau Server. basically, we have a data warehouse in an RDBMS that runs slowly on select. So we've been using extract to optimize the data processing performance. What we've done is basically extract the data, publish the extract to Tableau Server, and create workbooks using the extracts that was published in the Tableau Server. We also used scheduled refresh to renew the data inside the Tableau Server. To increase performance, we've also allocated several additional processes up to the maximum recommended on Tableau Server.


      Currently, we've several workbooks published on the Tableau Server with good performance, took less than 3 seconds to load the view. But we have one workbook in particular that's performing rather slow, took almost 60 seconds to load the view, while other . The data on the workbook is a bit massive, and have some table calculations (mainly using avg), and shows only a single worksheet in cross tab. What we've done is we download the tdsx, optimize the extract on Tableau Server, and then republish the data to Tableau Server. The thing is, the current extract size is about 200MB with only 2 months of data. And we're planning to use 4 years of data, which will be even bigger in size, and it's going to be a problem if we have to re-download the tdsx, optimize the extract, and republish it to server because of limited bandwidth.


      Is there any other way we can optimize the extract directly inside the Tableau Server? Thanks in advance.