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    org chart diagram with 2 sankeys and 1 column

    John Magrini

      Hi all,


      I have been messing around with some HR data and want to create an engaging and effective org chart. There are too many people to show a massive network/org chart diagram so the intent will be to look up one person at a time (or position so this might need to be a small multiple as well...). The user would then be able to see who reports to that person, who that person reports to, and who else reports to that same manager (aka who is on that team).


      I've attached a picture of what I imagined this to look like (hopefully it is legible). I've also attached a sample set of the data with how it is structured.


      I've checked out the various Sankey diagram blogs and Rody Zakovich's recent blog post about his Batman viz and tried to use those concepts and apply them for this but have been unsuccessful. I keep getting spaghetti messes that make no sense =(


      Minimal manipulation of the data preferred or being able to do it in SQL since this is coming from a relational database and want this viz to be updated automatically via Tableau Server if possible.


      Any help on getting this started would be greatly appreciated!