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    LOD help

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      I hope this message finds you well.

      On the attached, I'm trying to display a SOLID bar chart that is the  total count of the individual invoice that meet my filter conditions.


      Current display - Incorrect as I do not want each individual invoice plotted; just the total = 26 on a bar chart


      Here is what I'm after

      Any and all help is much appreciated!

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          Nachiket Dekhane

          Hi Mikey,


          You can write the LOD as {FIXED [Acctng Clerk],[Zone] : COUNT([Past Due])}. Hope this helps.




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            Alex Sandev

            Hi Mikey,


            Filters that you have applied are not doing anything, if you get rid of  them you

            will get the view that you want.




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              John Croft

              On the card shelf click on the color card and then just drop down the 'border' selection and set it to none. This achieves your desired result.


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                Mahfooj Khan

                Hi Mikey,


                You can try something like this.

                Option 1:

                Remove your [Customer Invoice] field from detail marks card will give you the expected output.

                Option 2: Using LOD also you can get the expected results. See the screen shot. I've used INCLUDE() lod here because you've qucik filters which needs to be apllied first. If you'll use fixed then you've to put your filters on context. Else you'll get incorrect result. I've include your [Customer Invoice] in the lod so you don't need to put it in detail marks card.

                {INCLUDE [Customer Invoice],[Acctng Clerk - MD],[Zone]:COUNTD([Past Due])}

                Let us know if you've any query.



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                  Ashish Chaudhari

                  Hi Mikey,


                  This seems to be very easy as this doesn't requires any calculation to achieve what you are looking for.


                  Just do the following thing. Don't make in complicated. Right click on the customer invoice which you have placed in the "Details" shelf. Go to measures and choose Count(Distinct).

                  Refer the below output.


                  I hope this helps you. To explain your case was that you have put the discrete measure in the details shelf this each invoice was appearing as a separate box. I just changed it to continuous as you can see in the above image.


                  Thanks and Regards,

                  Ashish Chaudhari