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    New Customers, Closed Customers and Total Customers Open in each month in the last 2 years

    Remmy Kinyanjui



      This question has been asked and answered in other threads but not quite how I am trying to visualise the data. Please forgive me if this is available on another thread, I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to find it.


      I am hoping to allow the end user to use a single date using a parameter, based on the date I want to look back over 2 years and display the data by dynamically for each month.


      I want my line chart to have three lines on a month x axis.

      1. New Customers in Jan 16, Feb 16, Mar 16 etc

      2. Closed Customers in  Jan 16, Feb 16, Mar 16 etc

      3. Open Customers in  Jan 16, Feb 16, Mar 16 etc (i.e. Case Start date >= parameter_date and (Case End date <= parameter_date or Case End Date is null ))

      4. The Parameter_date to default to TODAY() but user can change it


      It seems easy enough, but I cant get my head around it.