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    How to get mark labels on the right side

    Harpreet Ghuman

      Hi there,


      I have a wire kinda diagram in my tableau and if I keep the marks on all the lines visible then it gets really messy on the right hand side, like this -


      problem 2.png


      I want those marks to only appear when I select the cocktail. So I set the "Marks to Label" to "Highlighted".

      In the main dashboard, when you select one of the cocktail names from the list, the lines connecting that cocktail to its ingredients get highlighted and the marks appear as well, just the way I want them. But the problem is that the marks are appearing on the left side. Because of which they are underneath the cocktail list worksheet and not visible.



      Even if I move the sheet to the side, the marks still overlap completely because all the lines for a cocktail emerge from one point. I want the marks to appear on the right edge of the worksheet, when all the lines have diverged and meet that box which has "Shake and Strain" written on it.


      Can someone please explain how this can be done? I would be truly grateful!


      This is the link to the viz. from where it can be downloaded too - Tableau Public