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    Satellite layout of Google Maps in Tableau as background map?

    Aiswarya Sundaram

      Hi all,


      I'm familiar with getting MapBox maps into Tableau. They work great!

      But when I use the satellite map layout of my office from MapBox, I see that the image is pretty old.

      (One of the buildings, is seen as under construction when its actually all built and functioning.)


      I could easily use another layout but we specifically need the satellite one as it makes the data stand out even more.

      I have also tried couple of WMS servers but they tend to pixelate and also are not in the right layout that I'm looking for.


      Ideally,we would want Google Maps to be the background map as its got the latest satellite version.

      Could one of you please share any workaround that you have used or know of a WMS server with latest mapset?

      Appreciate your help!