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    Calculation using PREVIOUS_VALUE(0)

    Fabio Guimaraes

      Hi people!


      I can't understand what is going on with my results. I created a calculated field using this formula SUM([TV GRP])+(PREVIOUS_VALUE(0)/1.43)

      As you can see in my first image below the calculation it is working for the first column (date by hour) but then doesn't work and I don't now why.

      As you can see in my second image below where I'm aggregating date by day the calculation stops after a gap.


      I suppose that the formula stops the calculation when there is no value. If this is true, how can I solve it?


      Snap 2016-12-02 at 11.50.44.png


      Snap 2016-12-02 at 11.51.23.png