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    Access-Control-Allow-Origin header/CORS issue; can't get JSONP to work

    Alex Cook

      Hi there, I am trying to write a WDC that calls the ReturnPath (a 3rd party email marketing vendor) API. My web server is running on my local machine (http://localhost:8888 and I am running into a CORS issue - see attached. Tableau suggests 3 possible solutions, but only the 3rd (JSONP) will work for me because the site uses SSL and I have no control over ReturnPath's API. Therefore, I must use JSONP.


      Based on this page, it looks like all I need to do is add "?callback=?" to my $.getJSON statement, but when I do so and run that I get a script error in the simulator. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Neither my inside contact at Tableau nor myself could figure it out. Please note I am a novice JS coder so please forgive me if I'm making a rookie mistake. At this point I'm not trying to pull anything back, I just want to get the connector to work.