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    Have one table with mulitple entries for place and want to show just places filtered by a certain animal to see the other animal at that place


      I created a small fictitious data set I copied in as text below to see if someone can help me achieve the filtering needed to display what I am looking for.  The title above describes what I am trying to do.  Essentially with the data set below I would like to display a table in Tableau that shows the other animal at every farm where there is a COW.   The result of this would be a table that shows:


      Farm 2      Cow       Cow

      Farm 3      Cow       Chicken

      Farm 4      Pig         Cow

      Farm 10    Cow       Turkey


      Here is the data set you can input for this with a text file or Excel:



      Farm 1Goat
      Farm 1Chicken
      Farm 2Cow
      Farm 2Cow
      Farm 3Cow
      Farm 3Chicken
      Farm 4Pig
      Farm 4Cow
      Farm 5Goat
      Farm 5Goat
      Farm 6Chicken
      Farm 6Pig
      Farm 7Chicken
      Farm 7Goat
      Farm 8Turkey
      Farm 8Goat
      Farm 9Turkey
      Farm 9Turkey
      Farm 10Cow
      Farm 10Turkey


      Any help would be appreciated.  I think it is a simple thing to do, but is an odd data set to have the same place name listed multiple times with different animals.  Maybe I just need to pivot it somehow to make all the animals be in one row for each Farm identity.