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    Conditional Labelling on Running Total

    Michael Chung

      Hi Guys,


      I am doing a line chart where after very 3 months i would like a label appear to show the running sum after every three months as shown below where the grey lines are. 


      Tableau Help.png

      However, I have tried to create a calculated field to show these running values only at the end of every month but i am getting the errors below.


      tableau running total 1.png 


      I was wondering if anyone out here has tried to do what am I trying to do or has any ideas on how i can get this done.



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          D Barnetson

          Hi Michael,


          Well, seeing that you have aggregated a measure within your calculation with 'running_sum(sum([Measure]))' you will have to aggregate the 'datename' components of the calculation by adding 'ATTR()' to your date dimension. See below:


          IF Datename('month',ATTR([Date])) = 'March'


          Though, it may be easier for us to help if you were to include a sample by attaching a packaged workbook, even if it's just sample data.


          Let me know if adding the ATTR() to you calculation made a difference. If so, we'll work on trying to help you through the rest of your request.



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            Michael Chung

            HI Don,


            This has helped. However what I had to do was in my sql server, I had to create a table where all the values are aggregated by month.


            thank you