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    Filter for multiple columns

    Inga Fleischhacker

      I have a data set that has attributes: Solution_1, Solution_2, Solution_3, Solution_4....through 7.

      It contains values like

      3rd party engagement

      Capacity development


      Enhance resilience


      Resource provision



      In one of the 7 solution fields. Basically what I want is a filter that allows the user to be able to select one values above and then have it search across multiple columns (Solution 1-Solution 7). What I have done so far is create a parameter including all of the above (3rd party engagement and include another value that includes all). I then tried creating another calculated field called combined that is an if statement on the parameter.

      For example, If [parameter] = '3rd party enhancement' and Solution_1 = '3rd party enhancement' OR Solution_2 = '3rd party enhancement', etc. then "3rd party enhancement".


      This won't work however because of the logic in the if statement. For example, the IF statement is written to have a condition for '3rd party engagement', 'Understanding', and 'Context-specific'. If I want to filter on 'Context-specific' and I have data that meets the other condition,