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    Multiple workbook publish to one Folder

    Sanjay Mistry



      I have multiple workbooks, let's say

      1. Workbook X

      2. Workbook y


      These are separate .twb files.


      I want these workbooks to publish underlying dashboards to one folder on Tableau server, let's say Global KPIs. (which is under a project)


      How do I do that?


      The situation is that, after publishing workbook x, when try to publish workbook y, it overrides what I published using workbook x.


      Any solution to this?



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          Joe Oppelt

          Wait.  "Folder"?  Might be something I don't know about.


          At my company we have multiple projects, and under each one we publish multiple workbooks.  Each one has a unique name.  No conflicts.


          Are you trying to merge two workbooks into one published workbook?  The Publish function won't do that for you.


          But you can right click on a dashboard tab in one workbook and do COPY SHEET.  And then in the other workbook you can do PASTE SHEET, and Tableau will copy that entire dashboard -- all sheets from that dashboard, all necessary parameters, all text boxes, all data sources that are used on those sheets, etc. -- into the second workbook.


          Or you can publish the two workbooks separately, but in each one, add a URL dashboard action to go to the other published workbook.

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            Sanjay Mistry

            Here is what I am trying to do.


            Under Executive Reporting,


            I guess these are not folder names. But are workbooks.


            I was hoping for workbook x and workbook y to be able to publish all under Opportunity PIpeline Management (workbook). The reason I have my dashboards in two different workbook is that they both are connecting to a different data source and serves different purpose, but all part of Opportunity Pipeline Management.


            I am realizing that this may not be possible. Right, unless you have another way of doing it.



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              Joe Oppelt

              Right.  those are separate workbooks.


              The only way to get two workbooks into one published workbook is to combine them before publishing.  And it's not hard to combine them as I described earlier.  In fact, it's even easier to do in your case because they use separate data sources!  (When you copy a dashboard from one workbook to another, it will also copy all the sheets AND all the data sources -- and if both workbooks use the same data sources, you end up with a duplicate copy of the data sources, and you have to clean that up.  But if you have separate data sources anyway, you actually need them copied to the new workbook, so that's a good thing.)