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    Unable to fit image in storyboard

    Goutam Mohan

      I am unable to fit an image in a dashboard and then move it to a storyboard perfectly.


      I want to host my visualization in tableau public and want the image to occupy the complete story point. I have tried it using multiple settings but still end up getting white space at the bottom or right side of the story.


      I have the image directly put in the "Introduction" dashboard and then moved it to the first storypoint in the Story1 in the attached file.


      I have attached two copies of different resolution of the same image and the twbx file. If anyone requires a different resolution, let me know and I will be able to attach that too.


      The below is the tableau public link of the attached file.


      Tableau Public

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          Alex Sandev

          Hi Goutam,


          I have updated the image and created a new dashboard where the image fits nicely, the only thing it is enlarged.

          I do not know how to upload the updated dashboard. Here is the updated image:





          Updated image.jpg

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            Ashish Chaudhari

            Hi Goutam,


            As per my experience of working with the image is that you should always resize it as per the size of the dashboard. So my questions would be what is the size that you wish to see your dashboard on your screen? Once you decide on any of the W*H then customize your image as per the size. Then go ahead with the preparing the dashboard.


            In case you are trying to set this image as the background to your charts then this won't help you either. You will have to add images to the sheet and create charts over it. This things required lot of adjustments.


            Thanks and Regards,

            Ashish Chaudhari

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              Goutam Mohan

              Thank you for the reply, as a rookie in Tableau, I am finding it very difficult to build a storyboard that fits multiple screens well.


              For eg, I built this storyboard in a large monitor 23 inches, 1920 x 1080 and all the dashboards were being displayed correctly without scrollbars or any overlapping. When I was done building it, I published it on tableau public and it was displayed well on the large monitor. But when I opened that in other computers, it was not being displayed properly, there were scrollbars and overlapping. How do I build it to display well on all monitors?


              Link to the storyboard in tableau public: https://public.tableau.com/profile/goutam.gobburu.mohan#!/vizhome/NFLPlayersSalary/NFLSalary

              Also attached the workbook file.


              Screenshot from Tableau desktop (17 inch)


              Screenshot from Tableau Public website (17 inch)