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    Issue connecting dates across 2 sources

    Tommy Sims

      Hello all,


      I will try to layout my scenario as best as possible. Any help is appreciated. I have one tableau server data source that focuses on a report run within the company. The report contains a Start Date and an End Date that a user inputs when running their data set. These dates are stored with the unique RequestID for that specific report. The report is run for a single Account. The other data source contains revenue information for these accounts and uses a Reporting Date. I need to pull Revenue into my report based on the Start Date and End Date from the first data source. What can I do to achieve this? Basically I need Revenue when Reporting Date is greater than or equal to the Start Date and less than or equal to the End Date. When I attempt to form this equation my dates are turned into attributes and nothing seems to work. Let me know if you have any idea on how to solve this. Thanks.