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    Create dynamic url based on user filter selection

    Raagi Jais



      I have a dashboard that has filter defined on multiple fields. User can select more than one value for each of the filters. The main report in the dashboard refreshes based on the filter selection, users want to print the filter selection as well so we have put that also in a sheet  in the dashboard. So this second sheet has a table with only the fields that have filter defined on them and it also refreshes to reflect filter selection.


      Users are not happy to click on a selection and then hit crosstab two times. So we are trying to give them two buttons, one for each section and have added respective sheet link with  .csv added at the end. This is printing the two sheets but only the original view of the sheets published, it does not change to reflect the user's filter selection.


      Is there a way to generate a dynamic url that will change based on user's filter selection?