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    How to show all dimension values even when applying a filter?

    Jagdeep Bhogal

      Hi all


      I am working on the following sheet and need to know how to show all of my 'PC Dist' values;

      The 'PC Dist' run from TN1-TN20, and when I filter by 'Young Life' the correct values (count of sales) show up (which is what I need). However, I need it to show all of the 'PC Dist's' from TN1-TN20, even when I filter by 'Young Life'. I would want these values to then show up as '0' for the PC Dist's where there are no sales.


      i.e. For TN5, it should say '0' as there are no sales to young people in TN5.


      Does anyone know how I can get this to show? I've tried 'analysis > table layout > show empty rows' but it won't allow me to select this option.