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    Same variable from two databases


      I'm trying to use two separates databases about two type of data (real estate supply in Paris Region & real estate take-up in Paris region) in a project.

      I want to create a graph with the total sq m of supply and take-up by year and quarter. Then I want to filter this graph by geographical area.


      I don't have any problem with the creation avec the graph.


      But when I try to indicate to Tableau that one of my variable about a geographical area in the supply database is the same than the one in the take-up database using this icon :


      Tableau recalculate the supply total, like if I apply a filter.


      This let me think that my variable in the suply database isn't totally recognize as the same as in the take-up database. But when I look into Excel, they are strictly the same : no hidden space, no lowercase letters,...


      Is in Tableau a way to force the pairing ?