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    Struggling with creating one four button quick filter for three boolean columns




      long time listener here, first time caller. Thanks to all the community members for the great contributions, I've made a lot of good use of them over the years.


      I've run into something that's vexing me. Unfortunately, due to high levels of sensitivity of the work, I won't be able to share my workbook.


      Essentially what I'm trying to do is create a quick filter/parameter control using a dataset with three boolean fields. I want the end user to be able to filter the rest of the dashboard based on whether or not any one of these booleans is true, with the default option showing all values, whether the boolean is true or false.


      What I'm really after is a control that looks something like (imagine each bullet point is a radio button):


      • All (show all values regardless of booleans being true or false)
      • [A] (show where A is true)
      • [B] (show where B is true)
      • [C] (show where C is true)


      There can of course be overlap. Any combination of [A] [B] and [C] can be true at the same time. Since a row could have both [A] and [B] set to true, if I click on the radio button next to [A] or [B] I'd want it to appear in either selection.


      I've tried creating all sorts of combinations of calculated fields, parameters, sets, etc. and have spent a fair amount of time trying to find the answer to this question. Nothing seems to be working. I suspect the answer has been staring me in the face but I haven't been able to recognize it. Any assistance the community can offer would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


      Thanks to everyone in advance and keep up the fantastic work. You are all appreciated!