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    Problem with show empty columns with actions

    Sri K

      Hi Friends,


      I have a date column and i have shown that date field into months in the report. There are few empty months, But i want to show empty columns also. For displaying empty columns i have gone to Analysis ->Table Layout -> and select show empty columns. After selecting empty columns i got empty months also.


      Now my problem is, i have created two grid views one is summary dashboard and another one is Detailed dashboard. I have given navigation from Summary to detailed dashboard, when it went to detailed dashboard. There it is showing the empty rows also which is not expecting. if you click on any value in the summary it is navigating to detailed dashboard.






      In the above example see the empty rows which is not expected. Please help me on this. Attaching the twbx file also for reference.


      More Appreciate for quick response.





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          Stephen Rizzo

          I believe this is because you are using the same field in your rows and columns shelf. The "Show empty columns" setting appears to be setting a field property for all fields in the Columns shelf. Since [Order Date] is both in that shelf and in the Rows shelf, the viz is showing null values for the rows as well.


          You can get the behavior you probably were originally expecting by duplicating [Order Date], then using [Order Date (copy)] instead of [Order Date] for either the rows or the columns.