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    Selective Grand Totals and Hiding Selected Measures

    Luke Sirakos

      I am building a crosstab and it has some unnecessary information as well as not displaying some information I would like.  I attached an example workbook but included a picture below to make it a little easier to describe what I am looking to do (if it is possible).


      So here is my example crosstab with just random generic data.  There are two things I want to do, first I want to hide Sales Product B under the T1 Type since it is null and then same with Sales Product A under the T2 Type as it is null there as well.  When I try to do this it hides it completely which is not what I want.


      Second, I want to add a grand total for Total Profit combining the profit columns from both Types but I don't want to show any other grand totals.


      Now I know I could right something up with a dashboard and multiple sheets but that is messy and I would like to avoid it at all costs.  Also, even though the data from my generic example might make it seem like I could just restructure it that isn't the case with my real data and it needs to include similar measures/dimensions.  Are either of these things possible? Example workbook attached.