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    Dashboard jump and filter again on destination dashboard

    Raina Zheng

      Hi All,


      My question:

      I have two dashboards, one is Team information with department name and people's names listed. The other dashboard contains members' personal information tables. And there is a global filter "People" on Dashboard 2, so you can choose different people to see their personal information.

      Then Step 1, I have a Dashboard Action creating also a "people jump" filter to click member's name on Dashboard 1 and then jump from dashboard 1(Team information) to dashboard 2 ( Personal information), now what is showing on the Dashboard 2 is already filtered for on one person's Personal information tables .


      My problem is after Step 1 when I want to choose different people using the filter "People" on Dashboard 2 to see their personal on Dashboard2, everything just went away. Dash 2 shows blank tables.

      I think it is because when I was jumping from Dash 1 to Dash 2, the Action was already using one filter and filtered for the person, so I am wondering how to filter on Dash 2 to choose other people without all the data going away.



      Thank you guys so much!!