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    Order Rows based on quantity of specific data point. Ordered Exclusively to each Row rather than against whole #.

    Justen Burrhus

      I have 6 rows showing Label classification by Genre count. Note: I use the word "Label" to reference a Record Label Classification. I am NOT using Label to refer to Marks > Label.


      Then I go to Marks > CNT(Genre) > click drop down > Quick Table Calculation (Rank) > Compute Using (Genre). This assigns a number to each genre based on their total count bound within the Label category.


      The part I'm getting stuck at is how to sort by the Rank # so that the #1 rank for each Label category is first. Then I need to remove the Rank data that is showing and replace it with the Count of Genre that you see from the first picture.


      If anyone has some good advice on how to do this I am hungry, feed me!


      This is the closest I've found to something that can help me but it's super complicated and hasn't been working when I tried that calculation using LOD. [Top N By Year ]