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    Kerberos Configuration error

    Sanket Deshpande

      Hi all,


      Im implementing Kerberos with AD authentication for my Tableau Server.

      1. I have followed the steps of first creating the Config.bat file and provided it to the AD admin .

      2. He provided the .keytab file

      3. However on "Test Configuration" it pops an error of checking  tabconfig.log Log files

      4. On going through the log there were  2 last lines of errors :


           2016-11-30 14:50:14.813 +0530 INFO  root: Connecting to active directory for domain xyz.com   

           2016-11-30 14:50:14.969 +0530 ERROR root: Failed to query Active Directory. Error:Invalid Credentials.


      Can anyone tell me what this error points to , also how should be the Config file be examined if there is error in some setspn.