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    Filled Map as  Pie chart?

    Joe Foley

      Is it possible to make a filled map but instead of there  being a single color the zip code shows 2 colors representing percentage of people who voted for candidate A or B? Or barring that, to make the tool tip display a pie chart showing the voting breakdown?

      I am new to Tableau and have looked for the answer but could not find it.

      Thanks everyone in advance



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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Joe,


          Filled maps aren't that great for this sort of thing for three reasons: Primarily that because the size of zip codes varies so it can look like candidate A got way more votes than candidate B (take a look at any US red/blue election map by state and you'll see this problem). Secondarily because that would require some set of decisions to split each zip code and that gets really messy really quickly (and exacerbates the problems with zip code size). Thirdly is particular to zip codes, some zip codes such as military zip codes for APO/FPO have a physical location but no area.


          The most commonly used alternative for displaying proportions of multiple discrete elements in a map is a pie chart, like this where I used two Departments from Superstore Sales to create the two colors on Manhattan, and used a secondary axis filled map to highlight the zip codes where there's data. Note the cluster of pies in the middle where there are zip codes with no area:


          Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.56.21 AM.png


          v9.3 workbook is attached.



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            Joe Foley


            What a super & thorough answer.

            Thank you VERY much.



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              nauka rana

              Hi Jonathan,


              I am also new for Tableau and want to achieve same result (filled map with  pie) , but my data looks something like this -



              Student typeA
              Student typeBStudent typeC
              EssexNew Jersey50 109
              New YorkNew York1584030
              BergenNew Jersey806040
              QueensNew York864422



              I truly appreciate a help on this.