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    What's Hot in Healthcare IT?  #careersthatmatter  Check out Press Ganey for a Lead BI Developer role.

    Jennifer Eicher



      Contact:  Jennifer Eicher - Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner 312-284-5939  Jennifer.eicher@pressganey.com


      About Press Ganey

      Celebrating 30 years of experience, Press Ganey is recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in patient experience measurement and performance improvement solutions. Our mission is to help health care organizations reduce patient suffering and improve clinical quality, safetyand the patient experience. As of January 1, 2015, we served more than 22,000 health care facilities, including 62% of U.S. acute care hospitals, 81% of U.S. acute care hospitals with more than 100 beds and 73% of U.S. medical practices with more than 50 physicians.

      Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, with offices in Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Kansas City and Wakefield, Press Ganey serves clients nationwide with locally based teams of associates to ensure strong client connections and relationships. As a result, Press Ganey is acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities unique to specific providers and their communities. Our associates are professionals, deeply rooted in health care and strongly committed to our clients’ success.

      Whether it's the hospital, medical practice, ambulatory or home care setting, we partner with clients to create and sustain a high-performance environment to ultimately improve the patient experience. Our comprehensive suite of health care solutions helps clients meet their goals of improved quality, better care and lower costs.

      Press Ganey provides both ongoing advisory services and consulting in all phases of performance improvement. Our patient experience advisors are uniquely trained and skilled to identify areas of opportunity and help clients implement targeted improvement plans. Our consultants, whose health care experience is a true differentiator, work in partnership with organizations to identify and implement best practices across their operations.

      Simply put, we are vested in our clients’ success, and dedicated to helping them understand and improve every dimension of the patient experience.

      Position Description/Overview:

      Press Ganey currently has an exciting opportunity for a Lead BI Developer in our Chicago, IL office. This role will support Information Technology.

      This is an opportunity for a Business Intelligence Developer to play a key role in designing and building new capabilities for the Patient Experience group. The individual will be working on a new initiative that involves integrating patient experience, employee, and physician engagement, clinical and quality data in a single platform to provide analytics to measure and improve the healthcare experience, deliver predictive analytics to improve care and engage clients with best practice improvement direction.

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          Jennifer Eicher

          Thanks Patrick, I have it posted in Job Listings now, however it posted in the community feed again.  So, I was probably supposed to edit the current posting to feed into the job listings.  Apologies and thanks for the heads up.   Jennifer

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            Ramesh Pabba

            Hi Jennifer,


            I'm experienced BI & Visualization expert building performance Dashboards and worksheet and improve Tableau server.


            Kindly expedite the role and responsibilities for the mentioned job.



            I'm local to chicago area .


            My solutions to Tableau Implementation  Why Tableau for Healthcare Domain ?

            Tableau is specialized with Reseach & Development driven company. It continues to grow and invest in R&D at a higher side than most other BI softwares. This is explaining the key role playing shows that Tableau is serious about its mission to help people see and understand their data, quickly and in an easy to use way.

            Healthcare system growing faster and keeping the patients data very safely.But in the real world, the sheer quantity of data can feel more overwhelming than helpful. From disparate EMR systems and medical device outputs to staff schedules, patient satisfaction surveys, and medical equipment tracking, data flows into your hospital at an overwhelming rate.

            Hospitals are taking control of their data and taking advantage of its potential with these four trends in healthcare data analytics

            1. Implementing dashboards on the hospital floor

            2. Aligning the enterprise around outcomes

            3. Adopting a patient-centric approach

            4. Leveraging the power of social media

            Healthcare providers are successfully tackling some of their biggest challenges – from emergency room efficiency and supply chain infrastructure to insurance payments and patient safety – by using a nextgeneration business intelligence approach.

            Pharma industry solutions are more insight in to the Analytics and Visualizations.Drug specialists,Researchers,Analysts use it to control the quality of high-volume assays. Decision-makers choose where to invest based on the freshest information. And marketers get a clear picture of results across physicians, prescriptions, sales, and geography.

            Read more at http://www.tableau.com/stories/topic/pharmaceuticals#yGlpOQUEGQqWQQDk.99

            Tableau visualization approach on Health care analytics are.

            • More visual
            • Delivered fast at every stage
            • self driven

            Contact: Presales & Tableau Server Build-out and implementation support for Tableau solutions.

            Leave queries @ ramesh.pabba@3i-infotech.com