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    Passing on session cookies from UI phase to Data Collection phase

    Prathamesh Jagtap

      We have a use case where we prompt the user to provide the credentials to get access to the WDC data. To implement this, we have the GET and the POST on the same URL.


      Following are the steps:

      1) When User arrives to a URL with GET request, the user is prompted for credential.

      2) When user enters credentials and submits the form, action attribute is the same URL that handle POST request to authenticate user and then HTTP session is created that sends back cookie to Tableau WDC browser.

      3) As a response we have the tableau connector page that has a "Get Data" button that triggers the tableau.submit() function.

      We have session management implemented in such a way that if the user is in session and comes to the same URL with GET request, he will be redirected to step 3.


      When user clicks the "Get Data" button, the WDC get stuck at following screen.

      Then I tried debugging through "tableau -DDebugWDC", I found that when the Tableau reloads again the URL in Data Collection phase, it gets back page in step 1, where ideally we want step 3 page. This does mean that new session is starting, meaning the cookies from UI phase are not passed to Data Collection phase.



      To resolve this, is there any way we can pass cookies from UI phase to Data Collection phase.?


      We cannot have different URLs for user validation as the user validations is done using WebSEAL.



      1) GET without session.

      2) POST with session

      3) GET with session