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    Making a view pop up in a dashboard?

    Jaime Fernandez

      I feel like I have seen this done before, but I want to know how to achieve it (if possible)


      My vision is to have a dashboard with a single map view on it. For example purposes I want this view to show total sales for the state. What I want to know if it is possible is:


      Is it possible to initially just show the map of the country with all the sales on it by state, then upon clicking on a state, another view will "pop up" at the bottom of the dashboard showing top 10 items sold for that particular state? and once the user deselects the state, the top 10 view will then disappear until another state is selected. Is this possible? or must the top 10 view always be showing even if there are no items selected?


      I hope my question is clear

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          Eric Van Blargan

          Hi Jaime,

          This is definitely possible.  What you would do is create both worksheets the way you would like and structure them on your dashboard. 
          From there you are going to create an action that will allow your map to act as the filter to select the data you would like to see below.

          Dashboard -> Actions

          Add Action

          In the Source Sheets, select just your map sheet and run action on "Select"

          In the Target Sheets, select just the sheets you would like to see once you click on the map.  On "Clearing the selection will:" select "Exclude all values".

          I have attached a sample workbook.





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            Jaime Fernandez

            Hi Eric,


            For the most part this does answer my question but unfortunately it doesn't achieve precisely what I wanted it to do.


            Before selecting any particular state, I would like the second sheet to be non-visable on the dashboard meaning I want it to not take up any real estate, once I click on a state, I want the first sheet to automatically resize itself so that the second sheet is visible on the dashboard, then once I deselect a state I want it to go back to its original size (with only the map on it)


            So the way I envision it is:


            No selection: Just the map of the Country with information by state.

            with a selection: I want the map at the top and a view to appear at the bottom giving me top 10 products sold or whatever the case may be.


            I hope this was more clear.

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              Eric Van Blargan

              The one key thing I neglected in the instructions was to click on a state twice to see the selection and then to "hide" it again.  That would give you a view of just the map so you could publish.


              I see what you're trying to do.  Unfortunately, I'm not aware of how to have the sizes of each sheet dynamically change when on the dashboard.  The only solution I could think of was to lay them both out with a set size for each sheet on the dashboard and create the action.  I tried using containers but that didn't work either.

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