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    ArcGIS to Tableau for Mac Users??

    Gail Boozer

      Sorry if this topic has already been addressed.   I searched but can't find anything.


      From my research to use ArcGIS as a map service in Tableau you have to have "desktop" (ArcGIS) installed.   This is only available for PC/Windows.   Does anyone have a workaround for Mac?    I currently have a trial license for the online public version but nothing can be exported or linked to from it.


      I've done research on map service providers, and I haven't found anything to knock my socks off.   Mapbox looks very cool but it takes a brain surgeon to use the interface and customize.   ArcGIS is really easy to use.


      Thanks in advance!!

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Gail,


          Are you trying to use ArcGIS basemaps?  I'm unclear what is being attempted with Tableau.  In addition, we have a few folks in the forums that are very familiar with Mapbox and might be resources if that is a route you find interesting.  We just need a bit more detail about what is being attempted so we can point you in the right direction or find a helping hand. 



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            Gail Boozer

            We aren't looking to do anything too fancy, but we want to be able to add some points of interest on a better looking base map than what Tableau offers.   I have tested Mapbox already, and once you figure out how to create your map getting it into Tableau is super easy.   I have created arcGIS maps, but because we all have Macs instead of PCs I can't download the desktop software to export a map.