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    customize  the  chart  based on the result

    Yingying Zeng

      The bar chart will have different result based on what the filter content the user choose . Can we customize the chart based on the result ?


      *** first chart



      In the first chart, the result shows 10 out of 12 months ,which is what the users like.


      *** Second chart



      In the second chart, there are only 3 out of 12 month coming back after user choose the filter content.

      Can we customize the chart that if the number of the month coming back is less than N( maybe 50 percent )of the month. Do not show the chart .


      *** Third chart



      In the third chart, after choosing a specific filter value, there is no data coming back.

      Can we customize the result to get a text value saying that "there is no data for the selection"?


      Thank you!!!