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    Testing Tableau Dashboards

    Fais ar


      i wanted to know what is the methodology the community uses to make sure the numbers on the tableau dashboards are accurate?

      is it develop first and then hand off to UAT or Develop and UAT simultaneous?

      we want to improve our process of delivering dashboards more efficiently yet making sure the numbers are accurate.

      thanks in advance.

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          Matthew Risley



          The beauty of Tableau is that you can kind of "forget about" the standard Testing, Dev, Production mentality.

          The best way to make sure the data is correct is to publish them to Server. You can tell if the data is correct by the data logo


          Potentially incorrect data source due to a file or extract:




          "Verified" by an Admin who uploaded to server(Notice the small tableau logo):


          The way I've handled these things go as followed:

          -Essentially re-create the known and correct numbers in text table

          -Create your necessary calculations and table calcs, etc.

          -Verify these numbers with someone else

          -Upload to server and create the necessary Security/Permissions rules.

          - People can now use this "verified" data to develop and publish


          Here is a good article for you as well: Best Practices for Published Data Sources

          I believe i saw somewhere that at Tableau Conference 16 they talked about "Certified Data Sources" may be an upcoming feature as well??


          If you are talking about specific Dashboard numbers however, just verify these numbers against another system, doing the calculation by hand, or checking with another person. Tableau will never create or delete data randomly. The numbers that show are due to the user's input. If the data is wrong, Tableau will be as well.


          If you are worried about people publishing bad examples or incorrect material to the server- simply do not allow them to do so.You should only give the permission of "Publisher" to those who are well.... trustworthy... Set Users’ Site Roles  

          All others should be viewers/interactors unless otherwise specified.


          Hope that Helps!


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            Fais ar

            thank you for the detailed answer.


            my situation is such that we have Tableau developers (actual developers and not ad-hoc devs) who are creating and publishing Dashboards to executives using alteryx to hit the back end tables and calculating all sorts of metrics. We need to make sure all of these metrics are acturate and as per logic certified by company. if you take the traditional route of devs finishing and testers picking up after devs complete, the whole process takes too long. what suggestions do you have?

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              Nachiket Dekhane

              Hi Fais,


              You can opt for agile methodology, where testing team works closely with the developers on each step of development to create a short feedback loop and to make sure all the calculations are as expected. This will save you some time over traditional testing approach. Another practice from agile methodology that you can implement to speed things up is peer reviews where developers review each other's work.


              Hope this helps.