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    Web Authoring - Certain Users are Unable to Connect Despite Common Permissions

    Jeremy Poole

      In our server environment, we have IT 'owned' projects and User 'owned' projects. Since we're very IT driven, IT publishes 95% + of the content and web authoring/user publishes from desktop fill in the rest.


      We're currently on Server Version 9.0.1


      Here's the scenario I'm having some trouble understanding. Consider the following example:


      In our General Publishing Project (user 'owned' folder for their authored content), we have the following permissions set.

      We'll consider 2 users for this example.

      User 1 is Me (I belong to both DW Dev Team and EDW Support as an IT resource) *I am NOT an Admin on Prod Server

      User 2 is Lisa who belongs to Omnichannel


      We each have the same permissions configured. Both can see web authoring functionality within server, so we know the permission has been passed down.

      However, every time I attempt to access web authoring, the views load immediately. When Lisa tries to access, she experiences very inconsistent behavior. 9 times out of 10, the view will "spin" indefinitely. Every once in a while she'll get a clean load.

      This inconsistency is what is throwing me for a complete loop. If it spun for her EVERY time, I'd be safe to assume there was a data source credential issue. But the fact that it loads for her sometimes makes me doubt this.


      The other wrench in this scenario is that she did not experience this issue prior to a change being made with her group. For the last 6 months or so, a local group had been used for her team's access. Now that they have a formal, managed group that can be synced nightly, we have incorporated the new group with identical permissions as the prior.


      Since I'm only the Tableau Server 'lead' because we're short-staffed, I'm fresh out of ideas/places to look. Has anyone seen anything remotely like this?