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    WebDAV for SharePoint Online

    Nick Roush

      We are having some issues at my company allowing Tableau Server to extract files on SharePoint Online. Below is what we have found so far.


      The WebDAV (World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) ‘construct’ is a recognized standard for collaborative authoring on the Web.  It facilitates, via HTTP, collaborative editing and file management between ‘remote’ users (users not accessing web site content in a browser).


      By default, IIS (and therefore SharePoint), supports this standard.  We can see first-hand evidence of this when accessing any of our on-premises sites via this method.  The fact that it works is a matter of trust – all of the involved assets are on the same network and therefore have an implicit trust relationship.


      The issue with using this same method (or standard, if you please) with SharePoint Online is also a matter of trust – in this case a “lack thereof.”  We use a brokered authentication Security Token Service (a.k.a. STS) to connect to SharePoint Online and (for lack of a better explanation) the ‘same domain level’ trust is not present.  Any attempt to connect to the Cloud sites using the WebDAV standard are met with authentication failures. According to Microsoft Premier Support, SharePoint Online supports the WebDAV standard (although we found documentation that stated it is not a ‘formal level’ of support). 


      A Possible Solution:


      Microsoft recommended that we add our domain ‘string’ to our Trusted Sites Zone. It was unknown (per Microsoft) if this would resolve the issue, but it was the only actionable recommendation that was put forth during our MS Premier Support interaction.  The assumption is that since this is an https protocol, the above setting would take precedence. This did not work in our testing.


      Has anyone been able to get this to work?

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          Hey Nick,


          I'm wondering if your IT department needs to open or allow certain connections to pass through. Could you share the error you're receiving? I'd also considering contacting support, although it doesn't sound like Tableau Server is at fault here so I'm not sure how much they'd be able to do.